Nintendo updates Miiverse with new Activity Feed

Nintendo has released a new update for its Miiverse social network, and the new “Activity Feed” looks more than a little familiar.

Nintendo's Miiverse

Nintendo’s Miiverse

Previously, Miiverse had acted like a series of interlinked forums, known as “communities”. Your posts would only appear in one community, and people there were able to read and reply. Anyone who loaded up the page would see what you’d written, but if they didn’t check the community page, they’d miss out.

Now though, that’s changed, with the introduction of an Activity Feed. The community restriction has been lifted, so if you want to make a post that is visible by all of your friends and followers regardless of their memberships, you can. It all looks a bit like Twitter, if we’re completely honest – not a bad thing, really!

Of course, if you don’t want to give up your communities and relationships, you don’t have to – Miiverse still supports posting directly into specific communities. As usual, those messages are viewable to anyone who checks that community.

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