Get World of Warcraft 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar

The next time you head into Azeroth, you might notice a few things have changed. World of Warcraft patch 5.4 has just rolled out, and Siege of Orgrimmar brings with it an assortment of updates, tweaks, and outright new content, demonstrated in this new video.

The update has been on the Public Test Realm for a while now (hopefully working out all the kinks), and it’s finally been released today for the general public. Head online, check out the Timeless Isle (and reap the rewards), take on the titular Siege of Orgrimmar raid (14 bosses!), and test out the new “flexible” mode group.

The full changelog is quite lengthy, so if you want to read up, head to the Siege of Orgrimmar Feature Overview. You might as well save a little time though, and download the World of Warcraft v5.3-5.4 manual patch right now, from Player Attack.

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