Command & Conquer: The past inspires the future

We are quite excited about the upcoming release of Command & Conquer, and we’ve been a little disappointed by just how quiet Victory Games has been about the project. However: Today, we have a brand new video which discusses some classic, returning features, as well as some new bits and pieces being introduced for the first time.

EA has also shed some more light on the game: Remember, this one fits in ten years after C&C Generals, so we’re up for another battle against the Global Liberation Army. This time, the European Union has stepped up to replace the US faction, but we’re not getting reacquainted with GDI and the Brotherhood of Nod, this time around.

That said, we can expect the Overlord Tanks to reign supreme, alongside an assortment of new and modified units – and this is all being handled by the Frotsbite 3 engine, so you know it’s going to look exceptional, “even though” it’s gone free-to-play.

The new Command & Conquer is currently accepting beta signups – for more information, check out the official blog!

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