Call of Duty: Ghosts – single-player action

All week, Activision and Infinity Ward have been teasing us with snippets and tiny clips from the singleplayer campaign for the upcoming FPS Call of Duty: Ghosts. Today, we see what they’ve been building up to – and it’s been worth the wait.

We already knew that Ghosts would be set in a “near-future”, when the United States had been ravaged by a “mass event”. Now we’ve uncovered a little more of the history behind that event, and it’s been further revealed that the “bad guys” are a South American faction.

More details are obviously still on the way (remember, if you pre-order the game now through selected retailers you’ll get the Free Fall dynamic bonus map) – but if you’re hanging out for more Ghosts, stay tuned to Player Attack, we’ve got a pretty nifty giveaway lined up for you next week.

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