Battlefield 4 apparently granted MA15+ in AU

Hot on the heels of the system specs released yesterday, it seems that Battlefield 4 has been rated for release in Australia. We say “seems”, because while a new game has popped up in the database, published by EA and developed by DICE, it’s been submitted as Bionic Fighter Faction instead.

All signs point towards this being the next big military shooter, though – it’s been rated MA 15+ due to “Strong violence and coarse language”, with the warning that online content may vary.

It’s not the first time EA has submitted games under false names – a couple of years ago, we saw both Project Red (Bulletstorm) and Project Blue (Shadows of the Damned), and more recently, Star Wars: The Old Republic was masquerading as Paper, Scissors, Stone.

Typically, it’s a technique used to “hide” potentially controversial titles – Duke Nukem Forever was first submitted to the board as 000A – but the Battlefield series has never had any problems getting an MA15+ or lower, so we’re a little confused as to why EA would feel the need to obscure this one.

Meanwhile, if you are a fan of conspiracy theories and don’t want to accept our rationale, here’s another bit of evidence that Bionic Fighter Faction is actually a thing – this here Bionic Fighter “Coming Soon” website. Now you have all the facts, make up your mind.

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