Apple reveals two new iPhones

Brace yourself: The next big gaming device hits shelves on September 20th. Apple has officially announced not one, but two new iPhones. With Infinity Blade III taking pride of place in the press conference announcement, games are being taken seriously.

iPhone 5S in refined "Champagne Gold"

iPhone 5S in refined “Champagne Gold”

This is the first time that Apple has promised us two different models – and it’s catering for the mid-range market this time, as well as those people who demand the best of everything.

First off – the flagship, the iPhone 5S. It now comes in “champagne gold” as standard (silver and grey options are available), and tucked away inside the brushed-metal finish is a 64-bit processor (to go with the 64-bit capable iOS 7), improvements to the camera and flash and a brand new fingerprint sensor.

There’s also a new co-processor for the compass, accelerometer and gyroscope, meaning motion-sensing gaming should get a boost, and both new models boast an 8MP camera and 4″ Retina display, the same as in the current iPhone 5.

All the colours of the (iPhone 5C) rainbow

All the colours of the (iPhone 5C) rainbow

The iPhone 5C is a more budget edition, but still doesn’t skimp on the big-name features. The major difference? A cheap ‘n’ colourful polycarbonate casing. Take your pick of blue, green, pink/red, yellow or white, and you’ll get a very similar machine built around an A6 chip (compared to the 5S, which has an A7). It does not have a fingerprint scanner, but most of the other details are the same (or fairly close).

Both versions of the handset will arrive later this month – mark September 20th in your calendar, and hop on those pre-orders to make sure you get one.

For more details on just what you’ll get in the new iPhone models – plus pricing details for your region, head to – or you can just watch the entire Apple Special Event in your browser.

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