Titanfall "won't sell as well" as Call of Duty

Nobody can accuse Respawn Entertainment‘s Vince Zampella of having modest goals, but the company co-founder acknowledges that debut game Titanfall will not sell as well as the well-established franchise he worked on previously – Call of Duty.

Zampella explained on Californian radio recently that the CoD level of success isn’t something that happens overnight.

As Gamespot reports:

You build up momentum over the years when you put out a new brand. [Titanfall] is starting over, so it won’t sell as well [as Call of Duty].

But for us it’s…kind of a passion project. We love it. It’s something new,” he added. “It’s taking the old paradigm of these shooter games being very grounded and two-dimensional and now adding this verticality to it and making it something that’s a new experience; something that people haven’t seen before.

Zampella is well-versed in the “old paradigm” – with former business partner Jason West, he co-created the Call of Duty series at Infinity Ward until he was fired in 2010.

Over the past three years, the pair formed a new studio – Respawn – bringing with them dozens of former colleagues from Infinity Ward, and started work on Titanfall, to be published by EA Partners. Since then, West has left the company, but Zampella’s work continues – Titanfall is set for launch in 2014 for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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