Homeworld: Shipbreakers no longer F2P

Homeworld: Shipbreakers is officially no longer going to be free-to-play, as Gearbox Software announces the brand new title in the Homeworld franchise can be a “proper, commerical release” thanks to the studio’s investment.

The saga for this one actually starts nearly 15 years ago, when Relic Entertainment first developed the original Homeworld. Since then, the studio has dissolved, but a bunch of the team has stuck together and formed Blackbird Interactive. It’s that new studio made up of veteran developers who were working on a “spiritual successor” to the famous RTS – a little game they called Hardware: Shipbreakers.

Earlier this year, Gearbox Software acquired the Homeworld license at an auction, and announced it would be working on shiny remake Homeworld HD. Last week, it confirmed it would be doing something else with the license – sharing it with the folks at Blackbird.

Hardware: Shipbreakers became Homeworld: Shipbreakers, and the “spiritual successor” stepped up to become a fully-blown entry in the franchise – complete with a “proper” price tag, thanks to Gearbox.

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