RAD Soldiers marches onto PC – for free

If you enjoyed RAD Soldiers when it came out on iOS last year, but always wanted to play it on a bigger screen, Paul Wedgwood from developer Splash Damage has let us know that the game is available on PC right now – and it’s completely free.

If you missed the 2012 memo, RAD Soldiers is – in the words of its developers – “A lot like chess. With guns. And explosions.”

Your task: Grab a squad of soldiers, and take ’em into (turn-based) battle, with the intention of emerging victorious (of course). Each soldier has a match-changing special ability and there are plenty of weapons for them to pick and choose from, so no two squads are the same – something pretty cool when you’re taking on friends in online multiplayer battles.

Want this? You’ll first need a copy of Google Chrome. After that’s installed (if it’s not already), then head to the Chrome Web Store and pick up a copy of RAD Soldiers. (Right now, this will work in Windows and Chrome OS, with Mac support coming “in the very near future”.)

If you did pick this up on iOS, your progress is not lost even if you want to switch platforms: You can log in to the PC version with the same WarChest account as you use on your iPhone, meaning you can access all of your soldiers and pick up exactly where you left off.

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