2K Drive revs mobile engines

Racing games have always suited the mobile platform – and now there’s a new challenger vying for pole position. 2K Drive has hit the iTunes App Store this week, and it promises a “cutting-edge racing simulator” with all the bells and whistles you might expect from a console title, packed neatly into your smartphone.

Of course, there are iconic locations, licensed and original cars, and precision controls, but developer Lucid Games has also thrown in a nifty integrated feed to bring you all the latest in automotive news. Blending the real world of racing and the virtual one, car culture is now right at your fingertips.

Pete Wallace, studio head at Lucid Games explains:

Lucid has been thrilled to work with 2K in creating a rich and authentic mobile gaming experience that transcends traditional racing games on the platform. 2K Drive immerses players in a vast expanse of dynamic content that allows each user to tailor their individual experience to better suit their own interest and level of engagement with the auto genre.

Now: If you haven’t yet heard of Lucid, you sure will: It’s a new “boutique” studio, formed by the creators of both Project Gotham Racing and Blur. While this might be a new platform, it’s certainly not a new genre for the developers.

Some details for you: Drive through more than 100 unique events on more than 25 tracks across five different environments. Sit behind the wheel of more than 25 licensed cars, including classics from Nissan, McLaren, Mazda, GM, Ford, Fiat and Dodge.

…and we do mean that you will be driving. Use the new RaceFace function and the iPhone camera to stick your face onto your driver, so your friends will know just who’s overtaking them in the game’s asynchronous multiplayer modes.

View video and photo galleries from real world automotive culture and connect with car enthusiasts and automotive communities. You can even check out the latest news from a whole bunch of car-friendly websites including Car & Driver, Road & Track, Autoblog, DUB Magazine, Fatlace, Electric Cars Report, and Hooniverse.

Just in time for the Monza Grand Prix this weekend, 2K Drive is out right now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch thanks to 2K Games – no word as yet on an Android version, but stay tuned.

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