Call of Duty: Strike Team brings combat to iOS

If you sometimes need to leave the house, and can’t take your console version of Call of Duty with you, Activision has a handy solution: Call of Duty: Strike Team, which is available right now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

I know that the name alone will be enough for some of you, but for the rest, here’s the details: Strike Team has been designed by Activision’s brand new mobile development studio – The Blast Furnace – under the watchful eye of ex-Rockstar developers Mark Washbrook and Gordon Hall. It’s a bit of a change from the studio’s debut: A mobile reboot of Pitfall.

Take your pick: First-person action? A third-person, top-down viewpoint? Both have their benefits, so it depends on how much emphasis you place on tactical play. You are in control of up to four Strike Team members, each with their own customisable loadouts and skill sets.

The single-player story-driven campaign is jam-packed with “epic, cinematic Call of Duty moments”, but don’t think this is a one-trick pony. Single-player Survival Mode brings a whole stack of weapons, perks, ranks and prestige levels – and there are the inevitable leaderboards to prove how much you’re better than your mates.

Mark Washbrook, Studio Head of The Blast Furnace explains:

Call of Duty: Strike Team is all about giving a single player experience that is unlike anything else in the Call of Duty world in a way that matches the interests of players on-the-go. By giving fans the option to play in either first-person or third-person views, and to switch between them on the fly, we’ve really opened the doors for gamers to have a fun and entertaining gameplay experience with Call of Duty: Strike Team, because they can play the game the way they want.

If you don’t have an Apple-flavoured smartphone or tablet, I wouldn’t fret just yet – Call of Duty: Strike Team will be available later this year on Android devices as well.

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