eSports star Day[9] joins game studio Artillery

The modern web browser is many things, but a gaming console is not – yet – one of them. New Silicon Valley startup Artillery is planning to change all that, and it’s got some big names on board to help.

Artillery boasts an impressive pedigree. Former staffers from Google, Facebook and Intel have joined forces with games industry talent from Lucasarts, NCsoft, Tiny Speck and Zynga to create a new studio designed to “drag core gaming kicking and screaming into the browser”. With founders of the After Hours Gaming League on board, you know they’re serious – and recent hire Sean “Day[9]” Plott makes it even more clear.



Plott – a former professional StarCraft player and currently a high-ranking eSports commentator – explains:

Artillery is the only company who can deliver graphically intensive, rich gameplay in the browser. As a long time player of real-time strategy games, this is an amazing opportunity to be part of the team creating an incredible experience using Artillery’s ground-breaking technology.

Plott – who will work primarily as a game designer and strategist – brings with him Eric Burkhart, his co-founder at Day[9]TV. Burkhart’s new role is as Head of Growth, looking for stories in “giant sets of data”.

This is the first we’ve heard from Artillery in a while – the company was founded back in early 2012, when it created a real-time synchronous multiplayer 3D version of air hockey, running in HTML 5. Since then, things have been busy – but mostly quiet.

Here’s hoping that the addition of the famously out-spoken Day[9] changes all that and brings browser-based gaming into the spotlight!

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