Respawn reminder: All Titanfall beta sites are fake

Don’t get too excited if you find an invitation to a Titanfall beta test in your inbox, or on that website you were linked to: Developer Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that none of them are real, and warns against giving out any personal information.

Harvesting the high level of anticipation for the game, clever scammers have created sign-up sites where fans can hand over their details in exchange for the promise of a beta key or other early Titanfall access.

Unsurprisingly, Respawn wants to raise the alert that all of these pages are fake.

To help keep our fans safe from scammers, please note that all sites advertising Beta access are 100% scams. #BePCSafe #Titanfall

At this stage, there is no public beta testing for Titanfall – open or closed – and the company’s remaining tightlipped on whether there will even be one in the leadup to launch.

Titanfall – a multiplayer-focussed shooter that pits mech vs. humans – is due out some time in the first half of 2014, on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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