SNES emulator discovered on iTunes App Store

Psst! Retro fans! I’ve got a secret to share with you! There’s a SNES emulator lurking on the iTunes App Store, so for less than a dollar, you can play a whole bunch of Super Nintendo games right on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Just keep it to yourself, because while emulators are legal in most places, acquiring the games to play on them is a bit of a legal grey area.

An example of what you can get up to with Remote File Manager

An example of what you can get up to with Remote File Manager

On the surface, Remote File Manager is pretty useful. It does what it says – lets you connect to FTP or Dropbox, and then open some files. You can expect it to open all the standard filetypes (mp3, cbr, mov, pdf, doc, txt, php, various archives…), but there’s one unusual inclusion: *.smc files – that is, Super Nintendo ROM files.

We hear from TouchArcade that it’s a super-simple operation to get the thing running, too. Pop your *.smc files into your (free!) Dropbox account, connect it up through Remote File Manager and then open the files to get your game on.

Early reports say that the emulator will run all sorts of games, but the virtual control set up is “sort of wacky” so it might not be well-suited to particularly long play sessions. However, if you’re looking for something a bit nifty – and a proof of concept – Remote File Manager has you covered. (Plus, did we mention? The app has full iCade support, thanks to the inclusion of Snes 9x 1.53.)

We’re not about to discuss the pros and cons of emulators, ROMs and abandonware, but if this is something you’re into, you’d better act fast: Apple’s not traditionally been a fan.

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