Redemption: Second Infinity Blade novel out now

If you’re a bit of a bookworm and have been looking for something new, may I suggest the brand new one from the Infinity Blade saga? Redemption is out right now – a little earlier than expected – and you can snag it from the iTunes Book Store and start reading.

[img_big]center,8512,2012-08-02/IB2SC_Screenshot_FridayMob.png,Infinity Blade 2[/img_big]

This is the second in the game tie-in series, written again by Brandon Sanderson (#1 NYT bestselling author, chosen to complete the Wheel of Time saga). Redemption follows on from Awakening, first announced alongside Infinity Blade 2.

It’s an interesting concept – there’s a whole lot of detail to the world of Infinity Blade, and the current games only scratch the surface. These novels provide a lot more backstory and help to explain some more about why you are running around smashing barrels and defeating enemies.

However, there’s another reason why Redemption is so interesting at this time: Infinity Blade: Dungeons was scrapped following the closure of Impossible Studios, prompting concern over the future of the franchise.

The announcement of the new book, plus more than a few hints dropped by both Epic and Chair suggests that Infinity Blade is alive and well, perhaps just hibernating for a while.

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