Warframe confirmed as PS4 F2P launch title

It’s currently available, free, on PC and Mac, but co-op shooter Warframe is also headed to PlayStation 4 as a day one launch title in November. If you wanna play this one on console, you’re going to have to have a Sony machine or wait – the timed exclusive will not be on any other consoles until some time 2014.

Digital Extremes studio director Steve Sinclair explains:

With how the industry is evolving, this really is the Player Generation. Games are reaching players hands in so many different ways now and Sony gets it, which is why we are bringing Warframe exclusively to the PS4 first. There’s no reason not to download Warframe on day one if you’re an action game lover – it’s free.

Warframe is a perfect match for the PS4, building on the concepts of clan-building and co-operative play. The new console’s social connectivity features, as well as the extra bells and whistles tucked into the DualShock 4 (see: Touchpad, Integrated audio) are icing on the cake.

It’s a fast-paced return to form for the developer. Described as “High-tech machine-gun Ninjas set in a far-future, over-hyphenated, Manga-Dune mash-up”, Warframe is set in the dark reaches of outer space, where the Grineer have enslaved the Tenno for centuries. Now, the Tenno are on the brink of extinction… but they’re fighting back, with ancient exo-skeletal technology only they can control: Warframes.

Warframe will hit PS4 on November 15th in the US and November 29th in Europe (and Australia) – if you can’t wait even that long, hop over to Warframe.com and join in on your PC or Mac.

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