Homeworld license shared with ex-Relic devs

RTS fans, relax: The Homeworld license is in safe hands. We’re not (just) talking about Gearbox, who has already promised us Homeworld HD – but instead, Blackbird Interactive, and the revelation that the game is back in the hands of the team who created it.

Gearbox picked up the rights to the franchise in a THQ auction earlier in the year. The studio has confirmed that it is working on Homeworld HD, a shiny remake.

…but that’s not all the studio is doing with the game. It’s also “lending” the rights to Homeworld to new studio, Blackbird Interactive – fronted by Rob Cunningham, one of the original developers at Relic Entertainment, who created the Homeworld games back in 1999.

The news was revealed at a Gearbox panel at PAX Prime, where Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford announced a multi-million dollar investment in Blackbird to continue work on the game formerly known as Hardware: Shipbreakers. It’s now, officially Homeworld: Shipbreakers – the spiritual successor now a true part of the story.

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