Xbox One won't support external storage at launch

The bad news keeps coming for the Xbox One, prompting many to wonder if the console’s “Holiday 2013” launch is more than a little premature. Today’s revelation: Microsoft’s new gaming machine will not support external storage at launch.

Xbox One

Xbox One – memory limited

External storage was originally confirmed when the console was first announced, to use the built-in USB 3.0 port. Now though, we’re learning we won’t get our hands on that functionality any time soon.

Spokesperson Major Nelson drops the bombshell in his PAX special podcast:

The future plan is for definitely to support external storage much like we do on the Xbox 360.

My understanding is that feature will not be there at launch because the team is working on some other things, but it definitely is on the list. I don’t know when it will come in though.

The Xbox One hard drive has already come under fire – it’s a 500GB internal model that cannot be replaced, unlike the much more flexible Xbox 360 model. This might mean a little memory-juggling in the immediate future, but it’ll all work out okay in the end. Hopefully.

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