New trailer names Halo 5

The new Halo game might have a name – and that name might be Halo 5. (I know, we’re all shocked.) The “new” title seems to have been revealed as part of a new version of a teaser trailer for the game. We first saw this trailer at E3 2013, but back then, it didn’t contain the telltale logo.

The completely CG clip comes from Scottish studio Axis Animation, directed by John Alardice.

but there’s a twist! Microsoft has so far denied that the trailer we saw at E3 was anything like Halo 5. Instead, the publisher claims that the video was just a “thought piece”, looking at Master Chief and his journey, rather than any specific new game.

We do know that 343 Industries is working on a new game in the franchise, that it will involve Master Chief, that it will be a first-person shooter, and that it will be coming to Xbox One. It’s a “legitimate entry” into the story, and will expand on the Reclaimer trilogy.

Now, it seems, we might know the name of it, as well.

(For what it’s worth, Josh Holmes from 343 spoke to us very briefly about the concept of both Halo 5 and even Halo 6 in a video interview 12 months ago, promising that the next game in the trilogy would be “much darker”.)

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