Dying Light wants you to be a zombie

In Dying Light, you play as a survivor in a world with a full day-night cycle. The “bad guys” in the action/survival horror game are, inevitably, zombies… unless you choose to pre-order the game (and you live in North America).

People who slap down a pre-order for the game will receive the exclusive “Be the Zombie” mode – Dying Light’s only multiplayer PvP experience, which lets you play as the deadly undead.

In the new mode, you’ll be able to behave as a night hunter, stalking other players with unique and devastating skills. Superhuman speed, a grappling tendril, charge and distance attacks… you are no normal zombie. You are an “extremely rare” zombie mutation, a fast, agile enemy who delights in killing humans.

Of course there are other perks to being a night hunter – bonus experience points, a character-specific skill tree – and an all-new way of experiencing the world of Dying Light.

Two things of note: It seems very unusual to limit your only PvP experience to pre-orders, and even more odd to limit it to pre-orders in one specific region. We can’t rule out that Warner Bros won’t expand the plan to include other countries before the game is released, but we’re also crossing our fingers that – maybe – the mode will come out after release as a batch of DLC. (That said, if you want to guarantee you’ll be able to play as a zombie, you’re advised to pre-order.)

Dying Light is due out in 2014, for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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