Ubisoft Australia invites fans to create a character

Bucking the trend of Australia missing out on things, Ubisoft has today announced a brand new initiative only for Aussie fans. You are invited to create your own unique 3D character, and if they’re lucky, you’ll win a 3D-printed, hand-painted model of your masterpiece!

Ubisoft Character Creator

Ubisoft Character Creator

Owen Hughes, Digital Marketing Manager for Ubisoft Australia explains:

For years Ubisoft games have provided some of the most exciting game characters in the world. This project gives our passionate fans the chance to show us their own creations.

The new tool – developed with new content studio Drifter and partner company Heckler means that gamers can create their own three-dimensional character – including armour, weapons and fun accessories – and share them all over the internets. Why not create your own unique profile picture?

Once a month, Ubisoft and Drifter will give one lucky fan the opportunity to win an exclusive real-world version of their designs.

Ubisoft Character Creator

Ubisoft Character Creator

Josh Hunt, Creative Director at Drifter, continues:

This was a really exciting opportunity to involve the Ubisoft fan base in something that was both visually and interactively rich. Gaming fans love the individual titles and characters that Ubisoft develops but we wanted to take these fans one step closer to the brand that delivers them.

Want in on this? The first step, of course, is to create your own 3D character via the Ubisoft 3D Character Creator website – head to the Ubisoft Australia Facebook Page for more information. The competition runs for six months, so you’ve got plenty of time to create the perfect character, but don’t waste time – a model will be given away every month!

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