Get Ready: Warface is headed to console

Crytek has confirmed that its previously PC-exclusive shooter Warface will indeed be headed to console next year, with a version in the works for Xbox 360 and plans for a PS3 version.


Details on the plan are still fairly sketchy, but we’re expecting the console Warface to use a model similar to that used by World of Tanks – that is, free-to-play, but you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription for online multiplayer.

A little history, in case you’re intrigued by what you see: Warface is the Crysis developer’s first foray into the world of free-to-play gaming. The PC version is an online-only, browser-based first-person shooter that’s currently in beta testing (where it’s been for quite a while now). Originally developed for an Asian audience, it’s quickly found its footing on Russia’s Mail.Ru service, giving it a 9 million-strong European network of fans.

The game itself is set in a near-future military world, with Crytek promising a “cinematic experience” – next-gen visuals, clever artificial intelligence, and a chunky physics engine.

There’s still no real update on when the game will get out of closed beta in the US, UK or other territories… but we’re assured it’ll get here in good time. The console version is due in 2014.

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