Beyond: Two Souls has threats of sexual violence

We still don’t know all that much about Beyond: Two Souls, but now – thanks to the Australian Classification Board – we do know that the game contains “threats of sexual violence and interactive drug use” to the point where it’s been granted an R18+ rating down under.

The new one from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream also contains high impact violence and drug use, strong impact adult themes and moderate impact language and sexual content. Nudity, on the other hand, is “very mild”.

Somehow, all of this ties back into the mysterious storyline that intertwines supernatural spirit elements, homelessness, a stint in the military and a female protagonist. Beyond: Two Souls follows Jodi from age 8 to 23 – and the developers have already announced that even if she dies unexpectedly, the game won’t abruptly end. Fitting, for a game about the afterlife, with at least one spirit – Aiden – set to play a major role.

Beyond: Two Souls is headed to the PlayStation 3 (yes, 3) in October, no confirmed dates have been announced.

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