King of Fighters returns… as a MOBA?

SNK Playmore’s King of Fighters is back guys! One of my favourite fighting franchises is back! But here’s the thing… this time it’s not a fighter.

I know what you’re saying, “Jonny, King of Fighters has recklessly meandered into many genres over the years, jeez!” and you would be correct.

Sure, it’s a fighter first and for most but it’s also been a puzzle game, a card game, a shooter (I know right?!) and now, get ready for it… a MOBA!

Currently in development by South Korean studio Dragonfly and being published by True Digital Plus in Thailand, not much more is known about it other than it’s having a closed beta starting September 4th (only available in Thailand unfortunately) and that 3 fan favourites, Terry, Kyo and Joe are definitely playable characters, complete with their signature moves! Almost all the information we have to date comes from the game’s (Thai) Facebook page.

If you’re a MOBA fan this could definitely be worth a look, if nothing more than to Power Geyser someone’s face off in a whole new genre!

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