Battlefield 4 confirms 60FPS on new-gen consoles

When Battlefield 4 launches later this year, do not adjust your set. Developer DICE has just confirmed the game will run in silky-smooth 60FPS on next-gen consoles, meaning those explosions and collapsing buildings will look pretty darn perfect.

Remember, of course, that Battlefield 4 has been created with a dynamic, destructible world – multiplayer maps are relying on in-game events that will alter the landscape (for better or worse), and the improved framerate will make it all look that much better.

We’re not just talking immediate, obvious landscape changes, either. One map – showcased at Gamescom – features a tropical island as a storm rolls in. While playing the game, you might not notice the wind picking up, skies darkening and waves getting higher – but by the time the giant warship smashes against the beach, you know you’re not in the idyllic map you started on.

Battlefield 3 is among the impressive launch lineups for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – and it’s also headed to PS3 and Xbox 360 as well (but don’t count on the highest framerate for those). If you’re a traditionalist, don’t worry, it’s all coming to PC as well, lookin’ super-shiny.

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