Rambo brings First Blood to video games

Rambo The Video Game is a game that has – so far – hidden under the radar. It popped up on the Australian Classification Board database a week ago, rated R18+ for high impact violence (moderate impact themes and language), and only now are we hearing about what publisher Reef Entertainment has in store.

Believe it or not, the game was first revealed over a year ago, and was playable at last year’s gamescom. Since then, it’s been remarkably quiet.

So. What’s in store? Sylvester Stallone, that’s who. The game’s developers have gotten their hands on the original voice-tracks of both John Rambo and Col. Samuel Trautman (Richard Crenna), as well as special effects and musical elements from the first three action films.

Expect storylines and action sequences lifted straight from First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo III, in a world full of destructible terrain, cover-based shooting and some impressive ragdoll physics …and, of course, plenty of explosions.

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Rambo: First Blood Part II

If you want in on all of this, you won’t have long to wait. Rambo: The Video Game is headed to Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows PC before the end of 2013 – and if you act fast, you can get a super-neat pre-order bonus.

UK publisher Reef Entertainment has announced two limited-edition figurines will be released to fans who pre-order Rambo: The Video Game. These three-inch statues are based on iconic images of John Rambo in both First Blood and Rambo: First Blood Part II, hand-painted and highly detailed. Each little character features authentic costume and weapons, as well as Sylvester Stallone’s classic likeness.

The only problem: Which will you choose? You can only have one, stocks are limited, and these will not be available for sale without a pre-order. Check with your local retailer for details!

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