Independent Developers @ Xbox announced

At their Gamescom conference today, Microsoft finally unveiled their plans to support indie developers on Xbox one, announcing a new program by the name of the ‘Independent Developers @ Xbox’ (ID@Xbox) program.

Xbox One

Allowing developers to self-publish games on Xbox One and allowing them acess to development kits for free, the program intends to make life easier for indie developers to get their games out there, with all the same features as Microsoft provide to larger developers — Achievements, Kinect, SmartGlass, cloud services and more.

Developed in consultation with “over 50 developers” (presumably indie!), it looks like the big difference to the Xbox Live Indie Games program is that indie games will be available at the same location as any other game, lowering the barrier to entry for prospective players and potentially allowing indie games more exposure.

This definitely seems like a good step forward for indie developers — with any luck, it will prove to be as useful as it seems!

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