Upcoming Ubisoft title Child of Light illuminated

Details about Ubisoft’s upcoming downloadable title “Child of Light” became a little clearer yesterday thanks to a series of tweet’s from Simon Carless, GDC overseer, who revealed some information given during a panel at GDC Europe.


According to Carless’ twitter:

‘Child Of Light’ is 2D sidescroller w/JRPG turnbased battles using UbiArt Framework (Rayman Origins) to make “a living painting”.

The art style harks back to an early Final Fantasy aesthetic, and given what we’ve seen looks to have a beautiful, soft palette with very atmospheric lighting. Check out some of the shots IGN’s Andrew Goldfarb snapped during the presentation to get an idea of what we’re in for — and if this is anything to go by, it really will be an experience.

There’s no firm release date announced for Child of Light yet, nor platforms, but with any luck it won’t be too far away!

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