Heroes of Dragon Age mobile spinoff announced

Described as a “combat-focused” free-to-play mobile spin-off, Heroes of Dragon Age is in development at EA Capital Games, the game is set to explore more of the Dragon Age universe, and will include characters from the previous games, including fan-favourites Anders and Morrigan.

Multiplayer also looks like it’s on the horizon, with players able to participate in  “fast-paced, character-based combat” with each other.

Heroes of Dragon Age will be the first mobile game in the franchise, though not the first spin-off. With any luck, it will do better than it’s free-to-play Facebook predecessor Dragon Age Legends, which shut down in June 2012.

The game is being developed by the new Electronic Arts studio EA Capital Games, a combination of the former BioWare Sacramento and KlickNation. No news on a release date or launch platform yet, so we’ll just have to sit tight for the time being.

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