Playable races in Dragon Age III: Inquisition

One of the complaints levelled at BioWare’s Dragon Age II was the removal of playable races. In a new video from GameInformer, BioWare are announcing the return of playable races to the series in Dragon Age III: Inquisition, where you will be able to play as a human, an elf, or a dwarf.

According to Executive Producer, Mark Darrah, the decision came as a reaction to fan feedback and from internal desires, and only became an option once BioWare had made the decision to push the release date back.

Given many of the problems players had with Dragon Age II have often been put down to the short, rushed development cycle of the game, we can hope that this means the team will have more time to polish some of the more problematic game elements before release and avoid the same issues Dragon Age II faced.

It looks like Dragon Age III: Inquisition might just be the return to form we’ve been hoping for from BioWare, if the tidbits we’ve been hearing are any indication. This is definitely one to keep an eye on.

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