Prey 2 in development at Arkane?

Another day, another gravity-defying twist in the Prey 2 saga: Bethesda’s Arkane Austin studio is working on Prey 2 according to leaked emails from a senior Arkane developer,┬ádespite quotes from officials stating otherwise. Fancy that.

[img_big]center,7689,2011-08-24/1384Bowery_vista.jpg,A screenshot of Human Head’s version of Prey 2[/img_big]

In what has been an ongoing churn of the rumor-mill this year, this final leak will hopefully put all questions about whether the game is or is not in development to rest. After stories of on-going issues and delays, Bethesda removed the game from their website almost a year ago today, spawning worries the game was cancelled entirely.

Not so, an industry source told Kotaku, who confirmed that despite statements to the contrary, studio Arkane Austin was working on a rebooted version of Prey 2. According to the source, all work done by previous Prey 2 developer Human Head is being set aside in favor of a completely new game with a new direction, and given that Arkane Austin is the studio that brought us Dishonored, we’re very keen to see what they do with Prey.

The game is still in pre-production, having only been greenlit in May this year, so we’ve yet to see whether it will actually hit stores — but with any luck fans of the unique shooter/puzzler will eventually get the sequel they’ve been clamoring for.

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