The International 3: Alliance are Dota 2 champs

Swedish pro-gaming team Alliance dominated this year’s Dota 2 World Championships, with The International 3 Grand Final topping off a perfect, undefeated run. The team took home nearly US$1.5 million and the knowledge that they are best in the world.

Alliance, winners of this year's International Dota 2 Championship

Alliance, winners of this year’s International Dota 2 Championship

The grand final ended up a rematch between Alliance and Ukrainian team Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) – the pair had met earlier in the competition, with Alliance dominating. Alliance had spent the weekend sitting happily on top of the Upper Bracket, while Na’Vi slugged it out in the Lower Bracket.

The match was anything but a foregone conclusion, however: Despite stumbling in the initial round, Na’Vi came back strong and quickly raised the score to 2-1, Na’Vi. By game Four, however, Alliance had equalised the score, pushing the match into The International’s first ever game five.

If you want to watch this historic moment, the entire game is online – but if you don’t have an hour or so free, the official International blog tells it best:

Game 5? It’s too soon to put into words maybe. In a Tournament filled with great games, it was the greatest game we have ever seen. Not one single action by one team went uncountered by the other. It was a slug fest of team fights.

It was a disappointing end for Na’Vi in the team’s third consecutive grand finals appearance – the 2011 champions lost last year to Invictus Gaming, who this year crashed out in the fourth round thanks to fellow Chinese team TongFu.

The prize pool for this year’s International tournament was boosted significantly thanks to gamer interest – sales of the interactive tournament companion The Compendium raised the stakes from US$1.6m to a whopping US$2.6m – US$1,437,204 of which is now on its way home with Alliance.

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