Mark the calendars: Arma 3 to launch Sept 12

Finally, we have a date. Arma 3 will hit PC on September 12th, says Bohemia Interactive. The game will launch with an assortment of single player showcases, faction showcases, multiplayer scenarios and firing drill challenges. One thing that it won’t launch with: A singleplayer campaign.

It’s an impressive milestone for Arma 3, which at one point looked like it may not see release after two developers were arrested for allegedly spying on a military installation in Greece. The pair spent 128 days in Greek jail before being released on bail.

Since then, the in-game island of Limnos (inspired by the real-world island of Lemnos) has been changed to Altis, the larger of the two land masses included with the game’s launch.

For more information, head to the official Arma 3 Launch Countdown website and read up on the maps, the terrain, what happens at night, the impressive armoury, land and air vehicles, and even in-game scubadiving.

There’s more than enough to keep you busy here, unless, of course, you live in Iran.

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