Spartacus: Legends hacks 'n' slashes onto PSN

Spartacus: Legends created quite a buzz back in January, when it was the second game to be rated R18+ in Australia. That buzz has somewhat faded over the past seven months, but Ubisoft is hoping that it’ll come back, as the free-to-play title launches onto PlayStation Network.

Fans of the Starz! original series will know pretty much what to expect: A “deep and robust” fighting game complete with some intense visceral combat, a whole stack of weaponry and armour, and eight unique, ruthless and customisable fighting styles. Plus, there’s “devastating” multiplayer action, if that’s something you’re into.

Set in the later part of the Roman Empire, you are in charge of your own stable of gladiators, in Spartacus: Legends. Your task is to raise the most powerful house of warriors in the entire region – follow in the footsteps of Spartacus from slave to fighter to Champion of the Capua.

Spartacus: Legends is actually the first-ever free-to-play title from Ubisoft to hit console: If you don’t have a PS3, don’t fret – the game’s also available on Xbox Live Arcade.

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