NZ retailer mocks Australian Edition Saints Row 4

Do you think that New Zealand is sick of being lumped in with Australia? Sure, there are plenty of similarities, but the two countries are actually very different, as local retailer EB Games has pointed out in its most recent mailout.

Saints Row 4 on sale at EB Games New Zealand

…totally ambiguous.

The promotional image was spotted by NeoGAF, referring to the Australian Edition of Saints Row 4. The original, “uncut” version of the game was effectively banned in Australia not once, but twice, before developer Volition trimmed one optional mission (featuring drug use and an offensive weapon) and the game received an MA15+ rating.

To put this into perspective, while New Zealand has banned games from sale in the past (see: Manhunt), it’s also had an R18+ rating for the better part of the past two decades, unlike Australia’s ruleset which only came into play this year.

Saints Row 4 launches on August 20-23 around the world, in two different versions.

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