NVIDIA Shield opens its code to the masses

Like a drunk down the local bar, NVIDIA has decided to let all its secrets out of the bag and has open sourced the operating system for the Shield. Homebrew kits have been around for other handheld consoles for years (however they are legally dubious at best), but NVIDIA has put its Android Jelly Bean OS out there for everyone to play with.

So for the hackers out there (you know the ones that don’t think the OS is a place you can fly around with lots of pretty colours), you get root access, are able to modify the bootloader, and of course you can void the warranty all at the same time.

Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield

To be sure, this is double-diamond stuff. If you’re not a coder or already set up with an Android development environment you should skip downloading these tools.

For more details, have a read of the NVIDIA blog – or else you can jump straight in and download the software!

Of course this does have some seriously cool implications, you are able to add custom drivers, tweak settings and load up your own software. Anyone want a Shield web server? How about using your Shield to control your smart house? Allowing people to get into the core of the OS makes the possibilities of what it can do endless. Just look at what people are doing with other Android devices like the CuBox or Raspberry Pi, just add a screen and a funky controller, and go. (I look forward to someone building a RC UAV.)

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