New trailer teases Call of Duty: Black Ops II Origins

With Ghosts launching in the near future, we thought Call of Duty: Black Ops II was on its last legs. However, the guys over at Treyarch have released a new teaser trailer for the as-yet unknown Call of Duty: Black Ops II Origins. It’s kind of a strange trailer, features a bunch of brooding characters in dark lighting, a chandelier, a drain and then what I think is the members from Queen doing a Bohemian Rhapsody looking thing.

Of course, because we like you you can watch it here:

We don’t really know much about Call of Duty: Black Ops II Origins yet – is it new DLC? An expansion of some sort? I guess we just need to stay tuned… until then I’m going to assume it is some kind of Queen tribute.

PS. This is why Jessica doesn’t let me near the news.

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