Nintendo updates 3DS, adds StreetPass Relay

Nintendo has released an updated firmware for the 3DS, and version 6.2.0-12U introduces something special alongside the traditional stability tweaks. StreetPass Relay makes it easier to share your StreetPass details with other gamers, without needing to be in the same location.

Nintendo StreetPass

Nintendo StreetPass

The updated system changes the way that Nintendo Zones work. These public locations – like coffee shops, burger joints, bookshops and games retailers – will store the last visitor’s StreetPass data until someone new comes along.

If you walk into Barnes & Noble five minutes after Joe walks out, you’ll still be able to download Joe’s StreetPass data (presuming nobody else got there first). In turn, your data will be uploaded to the Nintendo Zone, and stored there until the next person triggers the exchange.

It’s a minor change, but a useful one for those gamers who don’t hang out with other 3DS fans regularly. If nothing else, it’ll help you collect those last few pesky puzzle pieces!

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