Bethesda simply not developing for Wii U

Sorry, Wii U fans, Bethesda has announced that it’s simply not developing games for the platform at this stage. Speaking at QuakeCon this past weekend, company spokesperson Pete Hines explains that “it’s largely a hardware thing”.

The VP of PR and Marketing tells Joystiq that “none of the games we’ve announced are being developed for the Wii U”, which rules out Game Pad versions of The Evil Within, Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Elder Scrolls Online. Hines explains that the console doesn’t pop up on the company’s “near-term focus”.

Bethesda‘s mantra is to “make the games that we want to make, on whatever platforms will support them as developed” – which is why the team had to scrap early plans for The Elder Scrolls Online for Xbox 360. The hardware just wasn’t able to support the game.

While it’s frustrating news for fans (and, we’d imagine, for Nintendo), Hines’ statements are actually quite positive. Other publishers have blamed the Wii U’s dismal retail performance for their lack of interest. Activision has chosen not to publish games for the console in certain territories (including Australia). Ubisoft still published Rayman Legends for Wii U, but scrapped exclusivity plans when it seemed the single console could not support the sales required for success.

If we are to take the “whatever platforms will support them” statement to heart, it suggests that a project may evolve if Bethesda discovers a game that is perfect for the Wii U.

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