War of the Vikings is bringing beards back

Hey! You! Wanna be a viking? Now’s your chance. Publisher of games and cultivator of epic facial hair, Paradox Interactive has freshly announced War of the Vikings, a standalone entry into the War franchise that also features War of the Roses. Design your own mighty Norseman and sack England… or create a brave Saxon and defend your land. It’s your choice.

Gordon Van Dyke, Executive Producer for the War of the Roses franchise explains:

War of the Roses was a fantastic experience for us to launch, and as it’s evolved over time, eventually growing into its current Kingmaker edition, we’ve been inspired many times over by the possibilities of the close-combat genre. It’s clear to us that that there are many more experiences we can share with our players, and War of the Vikings is our next step in establishing Paradox and Fatshark as leaders in the art of online war.

With 64-player battles, authentically-inspired weaponry, intense close-quarters combat and rich customisation options, War of the Vikings is promising something special – and we’re not just talking about the beards. Taking place in a version of 9th and 10th century England (historically “inspired” rather than historically accurate), War of the Vikings asks you to conquer or defend Britannia.

War of the Vikings features:

  • History Comes to Life (and then you kill it) – Historically inspired content from the Viking Age, including levels and environments, weapons, helmets, shields, and heraldry
  • Close Combat and Ranged Ravaging – Skill-driven fighting blends swinging, blocking, and dodging with intense ranged combat, including arrows, spears, and throwing axes
  • Mod Your Squad – Enhanced squad features allow players to define a role for their warriors in battle using custom squad perks to buff your hirdmen
  • A Viking to Your Liking – Design your own Viking or Saxon warrior, choosing everything from weapons and armor to battle perks, customized taunts to unhinge your foes, and a variety of beard options
  • Pick Your Battles – Game modes include up to 64-player epic battles, new hardcore “Pitched Arena” mode with 32 players and no respawns, and a Training Ground to test out new character builds

War of the Vikings is due for release early next year – but if you want to get in early, hop on over to the website and sign up for the Alpha test!

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