Betrayer promising black-and-white terrors

Betrayer is a brand new, first-person action-adventure that’s promising plenty of scares and atmosphere when it launches later this month. There’s no reason why Blackpowder Games shouldn’t deliver, either – the Seattle developer was formed by six developers who had worked together at Monolith, home of the original F.E.A.R.

While the new game keeps the same terrifying intent, Betrayer is markedly different from F.E.A.R. and Monolith‘s other big name, No One Lives Forever. First off, the team’s done away with the present day setting, taking you all the way back to colonial-era Virginia. They’ve also done away with colour, presenting a predominantly black-and-white approach.

It is 1604. You are headed to an English colony on the Virginia coast, but when you arrive, you find “only ghosts and mysteries”. Fortunately, a handy assortment of weaponry’s been left behind – muskets, throwing axes, crossbows – and there’s more than a little treasure to be uncovered.

Search for survivors, unravel the mysteries of the coast, and uncover the identity of the silent woman in red who helps from afar.

So far, it’s early days for Blackpowder. If you want to know more, stay tuned – Betrayer hits Steam Early Access on August 14th, so you’ve only got a week to wait before getting your scare on.

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