SimCity maps course for Mac: August 30

When SimCity was first revealed, it was heralded as a Mac/PC affair. However, while the PC version launched in March of this year, Apple gamers have been left waiting, unable to get their hands on the game. Now though, the wait is (nearly) over: EA has confirmed that SimCity for Mac will arrive on August 30th 2013 as a digital download.

Understanding that many people own both operating systems, EA has gone one step further, too – if you purchase (or have purchased) SimCity for PC, you’ll get the Mac version for free.

Lucy Bradshaw, Senior Vice President and General Manager of EA’s Maxis Label explains:

You only need to buy SimCity once to play together across the same servers, regardless of which version you’re playing. We didn’t want to make any compromises when it came to the Mac so we created a native version that is optimized for the hardware and OSX.

SimCity will run natively on Mac – its entire software renderer was re-written for OpenGL to make sure you can create (and destroy) the city of your imagination on your platform of choice.

…and if you’re the only one who plays on a Mac, don’t worry: Origin makes SimCity cross-platform compatible, so all players can play together, across the same servers. All of your cities, achievements and leaderboard progress will be stored in Origin, meaning you can continue playing no matter what computer you’re sitting at.

We know we’ve told you before that the game was “coming soon“, but now we mean it: August 30th. SimCity for Mac. Get on it.

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