Rocksmith 2014's improved teaching technique

We haven’t heard much about Rocksmith 2014 Edition since it was unveiled at E3 earlier in the year, but Ubisoft is happily plugging away at the project, today revealing plans for the game’s Lesson system.

The original Rocksmith showed a video of a specific technique, then asked you to play along with it. If you messed up – playing too early, hitting the wrong notes, or simply missing the technique – the game would tell you that you’d done something wrong, but wouldn’t explain what you’d actually done.

Michael Madavi, Senior Community Developer on Rocksmith 2014 Edition explains that the new edition will take this concept one step further, offering more useful feedback and suggestions on how to improve your technique.

Trying to learn how to bend but not moving your note high enough? Rocksmith 2014 will let you know. Sliding one fret back from where you need to hit? Rocksmith will tell you specifically that’s what went wrong. Beyond that, if Rocksmith senses that you’re having trouble with a particular technique, it will pull you out of the interactive portion of the lesson and give you further instructions – this time with additional camera angles and tips.

Describing Rocksmith 2014 Edition as “a fully responsive personal teacher“, Madavi points out there are three times as many lesson videos compared to the first game, and the techniques have been expanded to include everything, from “strapping up, plugging in and tuning, to way more advanced techniques like tapping.”

Lessons are just one part of Rocksmith that has been seriously improved and re-worked in Rocksmith 2014. In the weeks to come we’ll be releasing more details on gameplay, features and more.

With evidence suggesting that Rocksmith really does have serious merit when it comes to teaching guitar, it’s reassuring to see Ubisoft putting effort into the learning part as well as the rockin’ out part.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition is due out – around the world – on October 18th.

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