Firefall developer sorry for rocky launch

Firefall fans, we owe you an apology. So starts an open letter from Red 5 CEO Mark Kern, addressing the recent dramas that have hit the open-world shooter MMO. Firefall entered open beta on July 9th, and the transition wasn’t quite as smooth as the developer had hoped.

Gamers reported issues with tutorials, crafting and abilities as well as simply not being able to log in.

Kern explains:

When Open Beta commenced on July 9th, our servers were overwhelmed. There were several issues that prevented people from logging in, completing the tutorial, or using calldowns and garages and printers. As I stated on the forums, this was our fault, and we take full responsibility. Stage 1 of Open Beta was meant to stress our system, and we gained many, many players during that time that did, indeed, stress our servers.

Now though, just a few weeks later, the login errors have been resolved, server capacity boosted in each region, instances have been stabilised, and tutorials – happily – have been unstuck.

Players who create new characters no longer get stuck on the secondary weapon or jet crafting missions. Most charactesr who were stuck should be able to resume play normally, or have customer support restore their character. Our support staff has cleared their tickets and are now back to running at nominal 24-48 hour response time. We expedite all stuck character issues, so often this issue will be resolved the same day.

Kern is quick to remind fans that Firefall isn’t finished yet – this is an open beta in the truest sense of the word. Gamers are bug-testing and calling out errors and actively helping the development process, all while Red 5 takes notes, makes changes, and rolls out new content and features.

Check our recent interview with Community Manager Matt DeWald about what’s going on in Firefall now that it’s in open beta, or maybe read our open beta preview for some more details. If you’re a fan, why not jump into this weekend’s Go4Firefall tournament?

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