Lost Planet 3 will freeze you to death

While it’s summer in certain parts of the world, there’s more than a few places that are kinda cold right now. Player Attack HQ is one of those cold places, but after watching this new video you’ll be grateful for what you’ve got. Lost Planet 3 is, of course, set on a frozen planet – E.D.N. III – where the temperature is a chilly minus-120 degrees Celsius. Want to know what that’ll do to your body? Watch this.

Even if you’re not interested in Lost Planet 3, you should watch this clip. It’s chilling (literally), as it details the body’s reaction to severe cold, including physical and emotional effects.

Are you fit enough to withstand the deadly weather of E.D.N. III? Capcom and the Lost Planet 3 team would like to know – they’ve set up a handy aptitude test for you to take. Find out how your skills compare to some of history’s greatest survival stories.

Lost Planet 3 is headed to PS3, Xbox 360 and as a PC digital download on August 29th, with a PC retail version following on September 26.

It is currently 16 Celsius in the Player Attack office (that is, 60F), and I’m thinking it might be time for a (very) hot cup of tea.

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