Your headset will work with Xbox One via adapter

With a console that’s already $100 more expensive than the competition, Microsoft has apparently confirmed that you will not need to fork out more money just to use a headset with the Xbox One.

Microsoft's Xbox One headset

Microsoft’s Xbox One headset

Despite earlier claims that the new console would only accept Xbox One-specific peripherals, Albert Penello, Microsoft‘s lead planner for Xbox One, has said quite the opposite via Twitter.

We will have an adapter that allows current gaming headsets to work.

This adapter will not ship with the hardware, but must be bought separately – Penello was not commenting on a potential price tag.

If you’d still rather pick up a shiny new headset to go with your shiny new console, there may still be some options at hand: Microsoft is “looking into” working with unnamed third-party headset manufacturers to design a range of Xbox One peripherals that take advantage of the new technology (and may look less ugly than the current version).

…there are also persistent rumours that the Xbox One will – eventually – ship with a headset in a new bundle option, but this does not look likely for launch.

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