StarCraft II gets colour-blind friendly

If you’re among the 10% of gamers affected by colour-blindness, you’d be forgiven for not finding video games quite as much fun as the rest of us. How are you meant to avoid friendly fire and only shoot the bad guys when you can’t tell Red from Blue? While your cries go unnoticed by many developers, Blizzard is listening: The next patch for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm will bring colour-blind support to the uber-popular RTS.

In the 2.0.10 update, Blizzard‘s changes to StarCraft II include alternate, easier-to-distinguish colours, a clearer build grid and a darkened, higher-contrast minimap terrain.

There’s also a stack of improvements for shoutcasters and competitive players, like two brand new user interfaces created so that it’s easier to watch, play, and commentate matches.

The full changelog – as always – is available via, so you can read up on all of the detailed changes. The devs have also tweaked the in-game editor, squished a bunch of bugs (in both campaign and multiplayer), and added a Technology column to the Score Screen.

StarCraft II v2.0.10 was meant to roll out earlier this week, however after rolling the patch out to South East Asia, “an issue” was discovered that has prevented any further deployment by “a day or two”. Basically: Depending on where you are in the world, 2.0.10 might be live, but it might not. Expect it by the end of the week – we’ll keep an ear out for any changes.

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