First BioShock Infinite DLC available now

If you’ve ever wanted to play a BioShock game as a lady, the time is nigh. Brand new DLC announced for BioShock Infinite will bring a number of new things to the game – including, finally, the chance to play as Elizabeth.

Developer Irrational Games promised and teased an update on the DLC situation this week, and Ken Levine and his team certainly delivered.

First off is Clash in the Clouds, which brings new combat to the world of Columbia. You’re given a new toolset of weapons, gear, Vigors, Tears and Sky-Lines across four new areas not featured in the original game. New collection challenges also unlock new exclusive content – more Voxophones and Kinetoscopes!

…the best bit about Clash in the Clouds? It’s out right now on all platforms, and is included in the BioShock Infinite season pass.

Ken Levine, creative director of Irrational Games explains:

We are really excited to offer our fans the content that they have been asking for. With Clash in the Clouds, people get a pure action experience that takes BioShock Infinite combat to its highest challenge and intensity level.

The other DLC pack announced today is a two-parter: Burial at Sea. We’ve already acknowledged that you can play as Elizabeth, but that’s not the only reason you should get excited about this one. Set for release some time in the future, Burial at Sea takes gamers back to the underwater city of Rapture, years before the original BioShock, at the height of its success.

The reason new BioShock Infinite content has taken so long is simple: Irrational Games listened to what fans wanted. The new DLC has been developed in-house, isn’t secretly on-disc content, and isn’t stuff that was scrapped from the original game for some unknown reason.

Instead, Clash in the Clouds brings 15 waves of enemies towards you, in four new maps created by BioShock Infinite lead level designer Forrest Dowling.

If you don’t yet have the BioShock Infinite season pass, there’s no time like the present. Hop to it, and you’ll get the nifty weaponry of the Early Bird Special Pack, plus Clash in the Clouds, plus Burial at Sea when it launches. And you’ll save money, to boot.

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