Mighty Quest for Epic Loot no longer pay-to-win

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot has one of the most honest titles in gaming history, and now Ubisoft has made a subtle but significant change to its payment model to ensure it’s a more honest game as well.

Sir Painhammer’s game is currently in open beta, and as fans explore the free-to-play Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, they’ve been faced with the now-typical microtransaction prompts.

However, unlike most typical prompts, fans felt Ubisoft had crossed the uncrossable line. The in-game purchases weren’t simply for cosmetic enhancements or a way to avoid hours of grinding. Instead, gamers started complaining that the microtransactions all felt a bit too pay-too-win.

YouTuber Total Biscuit featured the game in a video last week, where he outright attacked the payment model. As more fans watched, more chimed in, and soon the game’s official forums were swarming with disgruntled gamers, many of whom accused the game of causing itself “major harm”.

To its credit, Ubisoft listened. And it didn’t hesitate to make a significantly game-changing decision:

We’re here today to let you know that we’ve heard your concerns and are acting on them immediately. We realize that letting players purchase machinery upgrades went too far in what we think feels fair to monetize. We are hereby rolling back the major premium currency mechanic changes, which will arrive in game in an upcoming maintenance.

New microtransactions will be introduced, with Ubisoft taking things in a more cosmetic direction. Instead of buying items and monsters for your dungeon, you’ll just have to make ’em prettier, instead.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is available in open beta right now – head to the official website to check it out.

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