The Elder Scrolls Online: Meet the Scamp

The Elder Scrolls Online is not due out until some time next year, but we know plenty of people who are frothing at the mouth wanting more information about the next incarnation of Tamriel. Happily, today we offer you a napkin, in the form of an introduction video: Meet the Scamp, a fireball-throwing Daedra you may remember from Oblivion and Morrowind.

Don’t get him wrong – this mischievous little Daedra might be small (and not terribly bright), but he certainly packs a punch and loves getting up to trouble.

In ESO, we wanted the scamp to have a big personality despite his diminutive stature. As always, we looked carefully at the existing art and lore for the scamp when we began creating concept art. Our artists wanted to capture the scamp’s agility and attitude in their concepts to give our animators a good base to work from, since animations would be so important in giving the scamp a unique feel.

A shiny new official blog post also explains that the Scamp has been added to bring a little humour into the “generally serious” Elder Scrolls Online setting.

…be careful, though: While the Scamp can be a funny little blighter, speaking to itself in its own gibberish language, don’t laugh too long – there’s nothing stopping him hurling a few fireballs in your direction!

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